Sir Randolph Bacon III, cousinin-law to Colin Adams
Blown Away: What Knot to Do When Sailing

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UC Davis ARC Ballroom

Blown Away: What Knot to Do When Sailing

Sir Randolph Bacon III cousins-in-law to Colin Adams, Williams College

Being a tale of adventure on the high seas involving great risk to the tale teller, and how an understanding of the mathematical theory of knots saved his bacon. No nautical or mathematical background assumed.
Colin Adams is the Thomas T. Read Professor of Mathematics at Williams College. His research interest includes the mathematical theory of knots. He is the author of nine books, including "The Knot Book". He is a recipient of the National Distinguished Teaching Award from the Mathematical Association of America (MAA), an MAA Polya Lecturer, a Sigma Xi Distinguished Lecturer, a recipient of the Robert Foster Cherry Teaching Award and a fellow of the American Mathematical Society. He is also the humor columnist for the Mathematical Intelligencer.