• Instructors: Jackson Gross, Nathan Kaufman
  • Prerequisites: Biology, or Equivalent
  • Field Trips: Tsar Nikolas Caviar & Bare Root Aquaponics Farm, Bodega Marine Lab, The Fishery, Urban Adamah, Hog Island Oyster Company, Mt. Lassen Trout and Steelhead Farm


Join us as we dive deep into the intersection of technology and agriculture. As global population increases and changes in climate present new challenges for farmers, the need for sustainable food production is more important than ever. In this cluster we will explore the biology, chemistry, and engineering behind aquaculture (growing plants, fish, shellfish, etc. in water) and aquaponics (farming plants with nutrients from fish waste). Topics include microbiology, plant & fish physiology, finfish/shellfish/seaweed production, and hydroponic agriculture & greenhouse growing.

Aquaculture & Mariculture Production

  • Modern production techniques for sustainable fresh and salt water aquaculture
  • Finfish, Shellfish, and Seaweed Production
  • Recirculating aquaculture system design and construction

Aquaponic Food Production

  • Fundamentals of recirculating aquaculture and hydroponic plant production
  • Aquaponic food production techniques for rural and urban environments
  • Crop selection & planning, integrated pest management, agroecology