COSMOS offers high achieving math and science students the opportunity to challenge themselves in ways not traditionally available to them in the high school setting. Students have access to state-of-the-art laboratories and supplies, one-on-one contact with world renowned scientists, researchers and mathematicians, and exposure to inventors, scientists and researchers in Industry.

Some of the academic connections students make at COSMOS are life-long or may simply inspire students to pursue a specific field of study not otherwise considered. COSMOS alumni will also have exclusive opportunities to apply for internships, college scholarships, mini research grants, and special events.

While academic credit is not awarded at the conclusion of the program COSMOS is considered an Academic Preparation Program for which students who participate can indicate so on their University of California admissions application. Some UC campuses give special consideration to those who have participated in COSMOS. Non-UCs may also be familiar with COSMOS. We encourage you to keep a copy of your COSMOS acceptance letter as well as your Certificate of Completion for verification of participation.


Modified 2014-01-16